Networking and Communication Services

Sintan Technologies will ensure your networks are fully secure and operating at maximum efficiency. We will analysis your current connectivity installation to determine if any security concerns are present and review the performance of your network under your typical daily workloads.

Removing bottlenecks throughout your network can dramatically improve access times and overall productivity in the workplace. Sintan Technologies we will help you bring everything together seamlessly. Whether you need to setup a new communications network, upgrade an existing one, or trouble-shooting connectivity issues, we are ready to help.

Example services included:

  • Analysis, recommendation, procurement and acquisition of networking equipment.

  • Wired Infrastructure and Connectivity
    • Analysis, upgrade and implementation for data and telco providers and services (T1, Cable, DSL, POTS, PRI)
    • Installation network cabling, jacks and panels and configuration of routers, switches
    • Network monitoring and troubleshooting for failed components, connectivity issues, bottlenecks
    • Virtual Private Networks and firewalls

  • Wireless network setup, security and extension to provide full coverage throughout the office.

  • Wireless network monitoring

  • Speed test internet connectivity and validate best options available through your provider.

  • Installation of wireless printers / scanner.