Office Productivity Services

Ensure your employees are focused on their jobs and not wasting time on non-productive and non-work related internet browsing. Sintan can configure your internet access system such that specific websites can be blocked or monitored. Even if the material accessed by your employees is not of an objectionable nature, knowing whether your employees are spending too much time on social media, online shopping or gaming sites instead of focusing on their work, is an important part of managing your workforce.

Once your employees know that you’re monitoring their online activity, they will significantly reduce their non-productive / non-work related internet activities. Let Sintan Technologies help you increase your employees’ productivity.

Example services included:

  • Website content filtering, application blocking and malware protection

  • Website access reporting and monitoring the on the individual computers you want to check

  • Automated reports sent to management on internet usage

  • Email spam Filtering / Blocking

  • Security setting and configuration ‘lockdown’ so employees cannot alter access permissions