Server configuration, upgrades and maintenance Services

The Sintan Technologies team is well versed in the installation and configuration of server environments whether it’s located on your premises or at a secure hosted facility. We are strong advocates of acquiring late model, pre-owned equipment to significantly reduce initial setup costs, but still ensuring protection through multi-year warranty agreements.

Our detailed understanding of VMware environments ensures we utilize servers efficiency avoiding the duplication of hardware that can sit idle most of the time. Before you implement or upgrade another server, talk to Sintan Technologies about how we can save your business in both upfront and ongoing maintenance costs.

Example services included:

  • Installation of Server room / closet rack solutions

  • Server configuration, upgrades and maintenance

  • Use of late model, pre-owned warranted equipment to cut costs by up to 70% compare to brand new equipment

  • Experienced with HP, Dell and other major manufacturers

  • Experienced with VMware, MS Server products: Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, Domains Infrastructure, Single Sign-on and SecureID implementations

  • SAN and NAS systems and other devices that offer file sharing, storage and remote file access without the need for a server solution

  • Server Monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Secure remote dial-in for remote or travelling employees for easy authorized access, support and maintenance.

  • Server migration or relocation